How Many Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby Developers Are There ?


Davey Shafik posted recently a very interesting article making the case for PHP. It’s not about comparing programming languages capabilities, but especially concerning access to people and market penetration. Davey pointed to an old post that gives an estimation of Perl, Php, Python and Ruby Programmers availability according to most popular search engines. I updated the estimation so we can have most accurate results. The table below illustrates the results found, I have just truncated Bing results to 1M to have more readable chart, after all I don’t believe there are 50M resumes indexed by Microsoft – and that’s another topic.

PHP Perl Ruby Python
Google 788000 57000 14100 26300
Yahoo 541000 377000 41500 82400
Bing (MSN) 59700000 10200 18400 4900

resumes in search engines
Programmer’s Resumes in Search Engines

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